Welcome to Redman Painting, faithfully serving the painting needs of Chicago's unique architectural heritage for over 18 years.  Redman Painting provides personalized painting services with a keen eye to fine detail and an artistic flair.  Owned and operated by Tim Tobin, M.F.A., Redman Painting specializes in:

  • Interior & exterior work

  • Woodwork restoration

  • Decorative wall finishes

  • Custom wall art

  • Wall & ceiling repair

  • Water Damage repair

  • Smoke Damage repair

  • Wallpaper removal

As the sole proprietor, Tim Tobin emphasizes personalized service at a very competitive price.  Tim holds a Masters in Fine Arts, and combined with 2 decades of hands-on experience, is able to find and implement solutions to enhance any space or style. 

Further, to help alleviate the often daunting task of color selection, Tim offers free color consultation and samples for every client.

Whether you are looking for a classically-inspired wall mural, extravagant wall treatments and trim, or just standard paint service, Redman Painting offers the most personalized service at the most competitive pricing. 

Please view some of our recent work samples below, created exclusively for Redman Painting customers by Tim Tobin.

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